About us

A Family Journey

Recipes by Dr. Darko is a Danish family run company. The products, made in Denmark, are developed by a medical doctor with year- long experience with clinical work and clinical development of dermatological products. 

We focus on skin care for you who have problem skin and who wants to pamper your skin with pure natural oils from nature´s own treasure without compromising on sustainability, environment, recycling and social responsibility.

We have made any efforts to meet your needs and we are especially interested in you getting offered a transparent skin care product with few and effective ingredients targeted your specific skin problem. Balanced Skin Care Solution – Less is more.

With a medical background, based on science combined with our ancestor´s experience globally with the use of local natural pure plant oils to treat various skin problems, we have combined carefully selected effective oils/butters from several continents. We combine the knowledge of the past and the present.

Recipes by Dr. Darko exploits synergies of pure natural oils in innovative combinations in a Unisex Retro/Future skin care series rich in bioactive constituents.

  • Elisabeth de Darko

    Elisabeth is a medical doctor with year long experience with clinical work and clinical development of dermatological products. Passionate about developing new products and keeping up to date with new scientific studies.

  • Thomas Schauby

    Thomas is an agricultural economist and enologist. Passionate about wine, agriculture, nature and how to combine the traditional with modern science. Fortunate to be able to work with his mother.