Our Concept

Why exclusively plant-derived oils and butters?

Plant seed- and fruit oils/butters provide the skin with a number of benefits and exhibit great multiplicity. Each plant oil has a different composition/ “fingerprint”, suited for addressing different concerns, and work in synergy, when combined.

Plant oil components include triglycerides, free fatty acids (FFAs) tocopherols, sterols, phospholipids, waxes, squalene, phenolic compounds, etc. These different compounds, when topically applied, affect the skin differently.

Therefore it is possible to use natural oils with additional functional benefits for protecting, soothing and repairing the skin.

Topically applied, the oil reinforces the skin barrier, hydrates and softens the skin and improves the skin elasticity. Their richness in potent antioxidants helps protect the skin against pollutants and UV exposure thus exerting protection from photo damage and photo-aging. The fatty acids help moderate sebum imbalance and the bioactive components aid soothing skin irritation, redness and tenderness. Finally, the oils provide nutrients and vitamins to the skin. 

Overall, the oils contribute to achieve a better skin appearance and complexion.

  • No superfluous - for marketing only - ingredients. Few and transparent ingredients.

    All ingredients must be included in bioactive concentrations

  • Exclusively use plant-derived oils and butters

    that works synergistically to help alleviate the signs and symptoms of the skin imbalance in question.

  • 0% synthetic ingredients, 0% perfume, 0% alcohol, 0% water, 0% preservatives, 0% color.

    As no water is added, no preservative is needed. The waterless formulas don’t evaporate. This is helpful because microbes grow in water, but not in oil, so pure products don’t need to be formulated with preservatives.

  • Products must be suitable for VEGANS

    (no honey, beeswax, lanolin or hydrolysed silk or wool proteins<strong>).

    All products are HALAL compliant (does NOT contain ANY animal derived ingredient or alcohol).

Developed by a Medical Doctor

Developed by a medical doctor based on the skin imbalance in question in acne prone, rosacea prone, dry or aging skin by exploiting year long experience with clinical work and clinical development of dermatological products.

The skin care products are “designed” and formulated to compensate for the specific imbalance of the skin such as imbalance in sebum lipids, skin microbiome or antioxidants.

All products moisturize and soften the skin thus helps improve skin elasticity. They reinforce the skin barrier by supplementation of lipids and essential fatty acids, add antioxidants to help reduce the oxidative stress and provide bioactive constituents that help reduce itching, redness and soreness of the skin, if applicable. Antimicrobial oils are included, if applicable, to help balance the skin microbiome in e.g. acne-prone and rosacea prone skin.

By combining carefully selected oils/butters from several continents, a series of targeted sustainable retro -future skin care products rich in bioactive constituents have emerged.

Recipes by Dr.Darko exploits synergies of natural ingredients in innovative combinations.

Product development is based on scientific data and specific customer needs.