Product Effect

Acne/Blemish Prone Skin Effect

Effect having used Acne/Blemish Prone Skin Face Oil twice daily for 5 weeks.

Significant reduction in number of comedones and no new break-outs.

Significant improvement of the skin tone with disappearance of dark spots and overall clearing of the skin.

The skin is well hydrated and smooth without use of another moisturizer.

Use of make-up was unchanged.

Importantly, self-confidence was regained.

Spot Terminator Effect

After 3 applications (24 hours) there is significant reduction of redness and swelling

After 6 applications (48 hours) no universal redness and swelling on the chin, but only slight redness around the few remaining spots all reduced in size.

Reduces acute outbreaks dramatically.

Please remember to use the Acne/Blemish Face Oil daily if you are prone to acne outbreaks.